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  • Integrated Financial System

Mobile-Based ID Validation
Our easy-to-use mobile app, Social Security , lets most users validate their ID in under a minute.

Unparalleled Security
Our bank-grade security doesn’t store any user data. Your customers are yours.

Advanced Biometric ID Solution
Finger print recognition technology and “live person” photos deliver the most thorough ID validation available.

Sharable ID Certificates
We issue your customers ID certificates to use and reuse when they transact with you.

Fully Automated ID Verification
Eliminate manual ID validation processes that are slow, costly, and frustrating for customers

No Proprietary Software or Infrastructure
Social Security uses the public blockchain. This means that Identity Requesters do not have to invest a large amount of money to set up the technology infrastructure to support the Social Security Secure Identity Platform solution.

Social Security

Secure funds transfers available through the blockchain wallets. Get control of your private and public keys.

ICO Private sale Starting 3rd April 2019. Lets rally and support a home grown initiative. All Communities make this pledge to buy into the project, refer and hodl.

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