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Country Based Blockchain Association within Africa can join for Free, members get the first two year membership for free, this is to allow startups and organizations to play an equal part no matter their finanicals status. The members will be provided access to information about events, news, opportunities etc and will also take part at the Annual Africa Blockchain Congress and the Blockchain association of Africa AGM. The country based organizations will form part of the extended board of BAA and are invited to attend extended board meeting which happen every quater.

The Blockchain Association of Africa is dedicated to promoting the adoption of blockchain technologies and digital currencies by actively collaborating with and promoting the efforts of our African blockchain community. We are all inclusive and welcome blockchain associations, non-profits, governmental groups, corporations and individuals – from ALL countries to take part and become members.

Who are our Members?
Our Members are from all over Africa, including both corporations and individuals. We are all inclusive and welcome blockchain associations, non-profits, governmental groups,corporations and individuals – from ALL countries.

Member Benefits
The value of being a Member of the Blockchain Association of Africa will be priceless for any organization or professional that desires to lead, connect to, participate, understand or simply to monitor the global transformation that will ensue from the inevitable, innovative, disruptive and beneficial adoption of blockchain technologies and platforms.

• Membership in the Blockchain Association of Africa
• Advisors and Ambassadors will have their individual photo, bio and link added to the respective page on the Association's website
• Non-Profits and Partners will have their corporate logos and link added to the respective Association's website
• Use of the Association's logo on corporate member websites where permitted
• Privileged access to meet, connect, network, learn, collaborate and partner with fellow Members
• Lead and participate in Association's Working Groups on global, continental, national and regional initiatives in blockchain policy, governance, regulation, education, networking, events and more
• Speaking opportunities at leading, world-wide blockchain events from our Event Partners
• Networking opportunities via free event passes from our blockchain Event Partners
• Introduction opportunities to our world-wide blockchain contacts
• Membership discounts of 20 to 50 percent for Partner employees
• Promotion opportunities for Partner events, education and news
• Access and contribute to the Association's Newsletter
• Access and contribute to the Association's Media
• Privileged access to unique opportunities (e.g., jobs, collaborations, partnerships etc…) from fellow Members
• *Promotion of our Members’ best in class discounts, events, education, training, certification, activities, blogs, newsletters etc… to our social media and internal members
• Association's development of additional discounts, offers, services, events, education and benefits to complement existing Members’ promotions

*Non-Profits and corporations are encouraged to join. They benefit from our promotions, where selected, of their valuable discounts and best in class events, education, blogs, newsletters etc…

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Blockchain Association of Africa, 380 Lapa Building, Cnr Bosman & Visagie St

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