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If you are an Advisor involved in the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency market and want to be part of the Blockchain Association of Africa fraternity, then think no further, just fill in the form below and become an Accredited Advisor with us. Most Blockchain companies, government organizations and ICO's dont know where to find an Accredited Advisor. Through us you will be recognized and appreciated, the association will provide you with many kinds of support services, so you can concentrate on providing your services to the best of your ability.

Benefits of Becoming an Accredited Advisor or Speaker

If you are to speak at an event or Advice , we are your professional body incase there are any problems you face , such as not being compensated for the work done, misuse of your itellectual property by organizations and startups to further their interests.

So stop thinking and start acting - lets unite and provide Africa with the best service

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